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22 Stunning Beaches Around South Australia That You Need To Visit

How's the South Australian serenity?

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1. Seacliff Beach, Seacliff

With so many options close to the Adelaide CBD, it's hard to know where to start, but Seacliff is the perfect beach location to duck down to after work for your ocean fix.

2. Moana Beach, Moana

Moana is your classic not-too-far-not-too-close local holiday destination. You're still in civilisation, but you don't feel the hustle and bustle of the city beaches.

3. Goolwa Beach, Goolwa

Goolwa beach stretches on for days, with ample room for kicking the footy, throwing the frisbee or relaxing with a good read.

4. Boomer Beach, Port Elliot

Grab your board and hit the waves of Boomer but be careful if you're a novice, it can get a little rough out there!

5. Robe Beach, Robe

Robe has that perfectly quaint coastal town feel and swells with regulars from the city around holiday time. It's not overwhelming and it's kind of nice seeing familiar faces year in year out.

6. Waitpinga Beach, Waitpinga

Another of South Australia's gems, located in the Fleurieu Peninsula, a great spot to spend the day surfing followed by a cold brew from your esky.

7. Chiton Rocks, Victor Harbor

When you're not having a swim, take a ride on the old school horse drawn tram to Granite Island. There’s only one time of the year you’ll want to avoid Victor. Two words: Schoolies Week.

8. Henley Beach, Henley Beach

There's a lot to love about Henley beach with an abundance of food options and a couple of bars overlooking the perfectly swimmable water. West side represent.

9. Glenelg Beach, Glenelg

Glenelg beach is South Australia's tourist hub with easy access via trams to the CBD and ample esplanade accommodation. Locals hit up the various pubs year round, but you'll have to get in early on public holidays!

10. Aldinga Beach, Aldinga


11. Somerton Beach, Somerton Park

It's hard to know where the sky ends and the water starts at Somerton beach but you'll feel like you have your own personal slice of Australia.

12. Semaphore Beach, Semaphore

Semaphore beach has old world charm and you can feel like you're on the set of Baywatch with the prominently featured lifesaver look out.

13. Horseshoe Bay, Port Elliot

Shaped like a horseshoe and thus named accordingly, Horseshoe Bay is so damn pretty you'll want a South Australian sea change the second you step foot on the sand.

14. Brighton Beach, Brighton

Because if the UK has a Brighton beach, so should we. With a jetty that won't quit and cafés and pubs to hit up post-swim, Brighton is the perfect Sunday session location.

15. Port Willunga Beach, Port Willunga

Is there anywhere else on the planet you'd rather than be than down at Pt. Willy? Nestled in amongst golden rock faces, there's caves to beat the heat and fish and chips to munch on from the Star of Greece above.

16. Port Noarlunga South Beach, Port Noarlunga South

Look how clear that Port Noarlunga water is... it's a shame you can't dive into your computer screen!

17. Marino Rocks, Marino

Why not take in the ocean sights with one of Adelaide's scenic walks?

18. Largs Bay Beach, Largs Bay

Another from the "South Australian beaches with exceptional jetties" series, your poochie will also thank you for the visit with dog-friendly areas. Check out more of South Australia's dog-friendly beaches here.

19. Silver Sands, Aldinga

If you want to really settle in for the day with your squad, Silver Sands is perfect as your car is welcome on the beach. Just don't get bogged in!

20. Streaky Bay, Streaky Bay

Look at how still and divine that is. There's also a bunch of surf beaches in the region that Kelly Slater likes to hit up. You can't go wrong.

21. Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo Island

Even though you'll have to take a ferry to Kangaroo Island to get to this one, it's well worth it with some of the most stunning views you're likely to see.

22. Middleton Beach, Middleton

Surf's up. Time to book that summer holiday to South Australia!

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