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South Australia Is The Adorable State You Never Knew You Needed

Often forgotten behind the larger states on the eastern seaboard, South Australia still knows how to be heartwarming and adorable. (Sea Lion photo credit: Michael Patrick O'Neill)

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Historically, South Australian animals are more adorable. / Via

From the Australian Geographic:

"This scruffy German Collie was born in 1882 with four seriously itchy paws. At just nine months old, Bob left his home at the Macclesfield Hotel, South Australia, and began his canine career as a hitchhiker on railway locomotives - often taking himself on interstate trips and being welcomed everywhere by friendly train crews."

Nawwww. Who's a good boy?!

Even sportsball can be adorable. / Via

This lucky local football fan, 100 years young Dorothy Harris, got the surprise of her life when the then head coach of the Adelaide Crows, Brenton Sanderson, noticed her waiting for a bus by the side of the road and gave her a lift to the game.


A heartwarming tale of an athlete and his amputated finger.

View this video on YouTube / Via

While Brett Backwell might not be a South Australian, he played for the local football league and after consistently injuring his hand, decided that amputating a finger was the logical next step. Seems legit.

Backwell went on to win the Best and Fairest award for the league as well as getting a guernsey to appear on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Brb, amputating my finger.

What about women? Well South Australia is adorably badass.

South Australia was the first state in Australia where women fought and won for their right to vote.

While there's yet to be a female South Australian Premier, South Australia has a long proud history of excellent political representatives, across the spectrum... who also happen to be women.

South Australia also likes to leave an adorable first and last impression to travellers.

View this video on YouTube

This lil' guy farewells and welcomes all South Australian air traffic.

Buck the Bear sits on the tarmac at Adelaide Airport being adorable as ever.

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