23 Hilarious Tweets That Are Way Too Real For "Grey's Anatomy" Fans

    Grey’s Day is the best and worst day of the week.

    1. When it's a Thursday:

    2. And you know exactly what you need:

    3. When you really get into it:

    4. When your friends try to get into it:

    5. And when they don't fully understand what's going on:

    6. When the characters don't feel fictional to you:

    7. When your favourite OTP no longer exists:

    8. Actually, let's be real, when none of your OTPs exist:

    9. When there are certain triggers that get you fucked up:

    10. When you've watched so many episodes you're basically a surgeon:

    11. Like, you really think you're a surgeon:

    12. When you decide to take matters into your own hands:

    13. And when things get out of hand:

    14. When you lie to yourself every. Single. Time:

    15. And when you still haven't learnt anything, 11 seasons in:

    16. When Shonda has no time for your faves:

    17. And when you have no time for Shonda's bullshit:

    18. When it sometimes feels criminal:

    19. When you're so done with her:

    20. When you're so done with this show:

    21. Seriously, why the fuck are you still here?!:

    22. When people question your loyalty:

    23. But you know, no matter what, you'll keep coming back for more pain: