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    21 Photos Everyone Who Isn't A Morning Person Will Instantly Recognise

    *Hits snooze...hits snooze again...hits snooze one more time.*

    1. When you're totally not dramatic about having to get up early.

    2. When you wake up in the "middle of the night", check your phone and find out it's actually a few minutes before your alarm is set to go off.

    3. And when you can't be trusted with a snooze button.

    4. When work never feels like a reason to get up.

    5. And when you want to throw a tantrum instead of earning a living.

    6. When you finally get out of bed and it's your own personal Everest.

    7. And when there's no way in hell you're making your bed.

    8. When you don’t know if your hair is ready to face the day but not giving a fuck means you get a few extra minutes sleep.

    9. When you legit can't deal with people.

    10. And when you have to deal with mates who are morning people.

    11. When you try to leave the house.

    12. When you come into contact with a morning person on your commute to work.

    13. When you arrive at work and a co-worker says, “looks like someone has a case of the Mondays!”

    14. And when you only have one response prepared for "good morning".

    15. When coffee is your only morning friend.

    Early morning here. And this is just perfect #coffee #notamorningperson

    16. When it takes a little time for it to kick in.

    17. When you know your morning ritual off by heart.

    18. And when it doesn't really matter because nothing can combat your hatred for early starts.

    19. When you sit at your desk contemplating life and how you got to this point.

    20. When there's only one morning you would ever be OK with.

    21. And when you realise tomorrow you have to do it all over again.