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    19 Times Carrie Bickmore Was An Absolute Queen

    Give us BickMORE of her on our screens.

    1. Her flawless award show style.

    2. And how that translates onto the glossy magazine pages.

    3. Sometimes she even looks like an ACTUAL queen.

    4. But she can also rock the casual chic look like nobody's business.

    5. Her onset snaps are always on point.

    6. Her selfie game is sooooo good.

    7. Her impeccable ability to #throwbackthursday with the best of them.

    8. Her friendship with her co-hosts.

    9. And how they all clearly love her a lot.

    10. Her Hollywood mates are simply the best too.

    11. Her love for her mother combined with retro cuteness.

    12. Her devotion to her kids, even if they sleep through her excellent news!

    Thanks for the Gold Logie votes!! Told Evie about the nomination and this is the response I got...

    13. And her adorably envious mornings with them.

    14. Her uninhibited daggy taste in music.

    15. But also her choice of pop bangers.

    16. Her sense of humour in the face of a live television embarrassment.
    Channel 10

    17. And her sick burn of South Australian MP, Christopher Pyne.

    Channel 10

    18. Her support of charitable causes for her mates.

    19. And, of course, we'll never forget her Golden Logies speech that shone a light on a cause close to her heart.

    Nine Network
    Nine Network

    A movement that inspired people from all over Australia to join.

    Carrie πŸ‘ Bickmore πŸ‘ we πŸ‘ salute πŸ‘ you! πŸ‘

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