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    These Ordinary Pictures Have Been Photoshopped Into Incredible Fake Movie Posters

    Turning real life into fiction.

    Reddit user Your_Post_As_A_Movie has spent the last two years turning submitted photos into amazing fake movie posters.

    And let's be real, they look better than what's out at the movies right now.

    People have sent in all kinds of images for photoshopping, like this scenic view that becomes a chilling sci-fi.

    Or this classic tourist shot which is now a zombie rampage.

    A silly pic with a younger sibling turns into the most terrifying thing ever.

    While a simple shot of police becomes Leo's next Oscar hope.

    This hipster photo makes for the perfect hipster flick.

    Or an artsy piece is perfect for a critically acclaimed box office smash.

    A daily commute snap becomes an EDM lover's dream.

    Splashing around in the rain turns into an award season favourite.

    Even a silly pet pic transforms into a live-action comedy.

    And of course, with American snacks...well not a lot changes.

    See more of the amazing photoshopped posters here.

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