NRL Will Never Be The Sport For All Australians

Take your State of Origin, your rectangle fields and the East coast centric league and run along. It’s AFL or it’s nothing.

1. I know NRL is SUPER popular to attend.

2. And so evenly spread around Australia.

3. With its finger on the pulse.

4. And always kid friendly.

5. But Australia’s real game is AFL.

6. Sure they tackle in NRL. But AFL players can come from ANYWHERE.


8. Out cold on impact.

9. All the bumps you could want.

10. AFL players actually fly.

11. I mean they get serious air.

13. And from another angle.

14. Screamers. Screamers everywhere.

15. You want State of Origin? The real battle is SA v Vic.

Look at how serious they are.

16. The Big V versus CROWEATERS.

These South Australian winners are so badass they actually eat Crows.

17. The State of Origin love was spread all over the country.

Western Australia represent.

18. I’m sorry Gallen.

19. But AFL doesn’t need State of Origin anymore.

The footy love is spread all over the country.

20. Every week there are fierce rivalries.

Sometimes state versus state.

21. Have a good look at that passion.

22. Sometimes it’s the local derbies with the most fire.

23. Or tradition that trumps them all.

24. Also the celebs line up for AFL.

25. Who could forget Kim “Adelaide Crows #1 Ticket Holder” Kardashian?

26. I hear Sofia Vergara streams Sydney matches during breaks on the set of Modern Family.

27. Ironically promoting ‘This Is The End’ and not ‘This Is Ninth’.

28. Fo Gold Coast shizzle ma Sunizzle.

29. Hmmmm. Moving right along…

30. NRL could never beat a Batmobile at their big finale.

Bound for Glory.

31. And look, you’ll always have these guys in your corner.

32. But if anyone asks, “Which is Australia’s game, NRL or AFL?”…do what NBA World Champ Patty Mills would do.

33. Over to you League fiends.

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