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19 Reasons Being The Youngest Sibling Is The Goddamn Best

You're definitely the favourite.

1. Your parents place far less expectation and responsibility on you.


So there's no need to ever get your shit together.

2. Sometimes it feels like they are done with the whole parenting thing, so you get away with a lot more.

3. This also means the awkward talks are non-existent.

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Or they've got them condensed into 60 second versions that are over before the embarrassment can set in.

4. If your siblings are excellent, you've got role models to look up to...

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5. ...and if they're not, you look infinitely better by comparison.


6. Either way you can always learn from their mistakes.

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7. They also do all the hard work when it comes to pestering your parents for inappropriate movies and video games...


8. by the time you ask, they DGAF.


9. You basically get to do whatever you want.

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Within reason, of course, but your siblings always remind you how much harder they had it.

10. And your parents feel way more chill with you.

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11. You can impress your friends with older sibling stories.


12. And you always know what's ~cool~ before everyone else.

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13. Years of getting picked on means you develop the best sense of humour and a thick skin.

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14. There's always someone to get you alcohol when you're underage.

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And you have easy access to a fake ID too.

15. Once they've got their license you can get lifts from someone other than your parents.


16. And when the shit hits the fan, you've got a wise squad for protection, comfort and cheering up.

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17. Once your siblings move out, your parents can focus their love and attention (aka money) on you.


18. You secretly love that no one can ever take your title of being the baby of the family.


19. And let's be real, you'll always be the favourite.

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