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These Naked Students Are Trying To Raise Money For The Drought

*Donates all the money*. NSFW because butts.

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This year, the Under the Overalls calendar was organised by students Matt Clifton, Sam Day, and Alex Heggie, and it's raising money for the "We’re for the Bush" drought appeal.

Nicola Bodle

Clifton told BuzzFeed: "Australia is in the grips of another devastating drought. With nearly three-quarters of NSW drought declared, it is one of the worst on record and the impacts are being felt by our farming families, our livestock, and our rural communities. The appeal provides funding to drought-stricken farmers to support their families and their farming operations."

So how do they get such willing participants?

Nicola Bodle

Clifton explains: "It must be a vet thing – in order to help an animal, you must be an animal – who knows?! Nah, we're all such a tight friendship group, as we've been in class together all day, every day for four years – so everyone's perception is having an adrenaline-packed day with friends as opposed to getting nude with strangers."

While there may have been some ~apprehension~, everyone came through in the end.

Nicola Bodle

"Everyone seemed to feel some nerves before getting full nude in front of people. But as soon as you have your pants down you're too busy strategically placing stethoscopes or animals to worry about being naked, so you become relaxed and stress-free very quickly. All of the students have the appropriate skills and management techniques required for animal handling so there were no unexpected issues with our clothes off."

You can buy the calendar here or check out more from the After Hours Facebook.

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