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    This Wombat Is Single AF So He Joined Tinder For His 30th Birthday

    Because swiping with claws can't be easy.

    Unlucky in love Patrick the Wombat has taken the plunge and joined Tinder on his 30th birthday.


    Those whiskers are on point!

    Ballarat Wildlife Park told BuzzFeed, "Patrick is so placid and gentle-natured that he's been single his whole life."

    Ballarat Wildlife Park

    "He's never been suitable for conventional wombat mating. Now he's thinking outside the box and using his social media experience to see if there's somebody out there for him online."

    So far he's had many Tinder matches but no word on whether it's progressed to a date.

    Ballarat Wildlife Park

    But for now, Patrick is content to enjoy his birthday and his cake.

    Ballarat Wildlife Park

    And hey, if Josie Geller could find love in Never Been Kissed, then there's certainly hope for Patrick!

    Happy 30th Patrick!

    A very happy 30th birthday Patrick! What's that in wombat years?

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