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27 Times Melbourne Out-Melbourned Itself

Victorians are a people unto themselves.

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3. When a well-dressed goat caught public transport.

Nice day to take the goat for a stretch



5. When there was no chill on Lygon Street during Grand Prix time.

6. When even its youth could handle The Human Centipede trilogy.

7. Or when the bees had enough of your thieving shit.


10. Or when Alex was having none of this Melbourne Bitter business.

12. When its coffee looked like this.

13. Or this.

Deconstructed coffee. Melbourne, you've gone too far


17. When the transport peeps tried to be nice but weren't fooling anyone.

18. When it seemed like nobody in Melbourne actually owned a car.


23. And when this one DGAF.

Melbourne’s killer bike lanes MT @TomElliott3AW It's looking pretty wet in Melbourne - MT: @Matty46 -


25. When politics and children collided.

26. When someone thought food consumption in a bin was a good idea.

Get in the bin, Melbourne.

27. And when the Victorian humour was alive and well.