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This Comedian Used His Awards Speech To Call Out Sexism

"I don’t think there were any women nominated at all in the comedy category just then."

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After slaying the competition on the Aria red carpet, Matt Okine won Best Comedy release and used his speech to note the lack of female nominees.

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While the speech wasn't televised, Okine, who is one half of Triple J's Matt and Alex breakfast show, pointed out his discomfort about the glaring omission.

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He said: "I feel bad if I don’t make a point of mentioning something that I feel a little weird about. I don’t think there was any women nominated at all in the comedy category just then. And I don’t think there are any women who are featured artists on tonight’s show even. I mean there’s Tina Arena obviously, but other than that, there’s a couple of featured guests, but it’s like, there’s no one. I’d feel stupid if I didn’t use this opportunity to say something about that. I read an article today about how it's important for guys to take a step down in order to ensure equality. Clementine Ford wrote that article, she's a controversial sort of person. I guess this is just the situation where if it means I don't come back here or I get in trouble from ABC or something that's fine, but I didn't feel great reading that list of people."

Twitter users were quick to add their messages of support to Okine's statement.

@mattokine Excellent work using your speech to call out the gender imbalance at the Arias. Legend!

.@mattokine love love love what you said at the Arias. Thank you for speaking up for equality.

The #ARIAs Best Comedy Release category had more male puppet nominees than female human nominees.

Kudos to @mattokine for calling out the lack of females represented at the #ARIAs.#legend. Too bad @channelten cut it from broadcast.👎🏻

Watch Okine's speech here.

Winner: Best Comedy: @mattokine - Live At The Enmore Theatre #ARIAs

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