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Posted on 26 Feb 2016

These Designers Reimagined The 2016 Oscar Best Picture Nominees As Pop Art Posters

Andy Warhol + Mad Max: Fury Road = genius.

The clever designers at Shutterstock have turned the best movies of last year into amazing Pop Art inspired posters.

Jordan Roland / Shutterstock

Like this perfect pairing of Andy Warhol and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Or taking Keith Haring's loud vibe and applying it to The Big Short.

Flo Lau / Shutterstock

This designer fused the techniques of Roy Lichtenstein and Stefan Sagmeister for the controversial Spotlight.

Michael Wong / Shutterstock

While KAWS' statue aesthetic was harnessed to symbolise the character development of Room.

Abbey Katz / Shutterstock

This Flirst-style collage really doubles down on The Revenant's desolate landscape.

Cristin Burton / Shutterstock

While Mario Corea Aiello's use of newspapers in collage inspired this designer for The Martian.

Brandon Lee / Shutterstock

For Bridge of Spies, the Sots Art movement highlights the struggles between the Soviet and American justice systems.

Jordan Roland / Shutterstock

And for something a little different, the Pop Art movement as a whole inspired this ~moving~ poster for Brooklyn.

Alice Meichi Li / Shutterstock

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