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    17 Catchphrases Every Aussie Used To Froth Over

    Don't push me, push a Push Pop.

    1. "Not happy Jan!"

    Yellow Pages

    Origin: A disgruntled manager yells it at her assistant in a Yellow Pages ad.

    Use: Any time you were pissed off.

    2. "Look at moiii."


    Origin: An iconic Kath & Kim quote.

    Use: When you wanted to get someone's attention in a humourous way.

    3. "Hot like a sunrise."


    Origin: An AAMI insurance ad that turned into Australia's favourite love story.

    Use: How you described your bae.

    4. "Don't push me, push a Push Pop."

    Origin: The catchy slogan for a '90s lolly.

    Use: A timely snapback used against a much bigger opponent.

    5. "Tell 'im he's dreamin'."

    7 Network

    Origin: Darryl Kerrigan's infamous response to his son's bargain hunting.

    Use: When you had no time for silly buggers.

    6. "What the?!"

    Network Ten

    Origin: A segment on late night talk show, Rove [Live], hosted by Rove McManus.

    Use: To describe anything that made absolutely no fucking sense.

    7. "Say 'Hi' to your mum for me."

    Network Ten

    Origin: Rove loved a catchphrase and ended every show with one request.

    Use: When you were giving your mates shit and wanted to be a bit festy.

    8. "Ooh! Ahh! Glenn McGrath!"

    Hamish Blair / Getty Images

    Origin: Lyrics from a song dedicated to one of Australia's best bowlers.

    Use: How you addressed Glenn McGrath, always.

    9. "That's GOLD!"

    9 Network

    Origin: A segment on the NRL Footy Show that highlighted great photos.

    Use: Whenever something was bloody excellent.

    10. "I'll have what she's having..."


    Origin: A Kellogg's ad that parodied a famous scene from When Harry Met Sally.

    Use: Whenever you wanted to ~seem~ funny at a restaurant.

    11. "G-O-G-G-O..."

    Yellow Pages

    Origin: A disgruntled man in a Yellow Pages ad struggles to find a mechanic for his broken down car.

    Use: Any time you had to spell something out, no matter what the word was.

    12. "You're terrible Muriel."

    9 Network

    Origin: The only line Joanie says in Muriel's Wedding.

    Use: Any time your mate had a cheeky fuck up.

    13. "It's time to go..."

    Network Ten

    Origin: The final words a Big Brother housemate would hear before being evicted.

    Use: If someone pissed you off.

    14. "TOUCHDOWN!"

    Network Ten

    Origin: Any time Mark Holden felt an Australian Idol contestant did a bang-up job.

    Use: Literally any form of celebration.

    15. "Don’t chop the dinosaur daddy!"

    The Natural Confectionery Co.

    Origin: An ad where a horrified little girl begs her dad not to cut a lolly in half.

    Use: When you had no time for sharing.

    16. "One Three Double Oh Six Triple Five Oh Six."

    Southern Cross Ten

    Origin: The reading writing hotline phone number.

    Use: By singing the first part of the number, you would find any Australian in your vicinity.

    17. "Ahh McCain, you've done it again."

    McCain Foods

    Origin: The slogan for any McCain product.

    Use: Never... until they bring back potato smiles.

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