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    This Dad And Baby’s Dubsmash Videos Are Too Adorable For Words

    Parenting goals.

    Eric Bruce, accompanied by his son Jack, makes incredible lip sync videos that he sends to his wife.

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    Spanning a year, the compilation video shows all the lip syncs he made while he was looking after his son. Bruce told BuzzFeed, "My wife Priscilla spends most of her time watching him, but when she went back to work I started sending her snippets to make her laugh, let her know everything was OK."

    The entire compilation includes classics such as "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"... / Via

    ...a ~delightful~ Snape... / Via

    ..and of course, an Adele impersonation. / Via

    "I just always went with clips that we knew, or things that were close to us or inside jokes. We're big Harry Potter fans, and there are a couple classic songs in there that we just couldn't go without. Jack loves the music. Now he will hold the phone and watch them and dance along. He's the perfect comedy partner." Bruce explained.

    So what does Bruce's wife actually think about the whole thing? / Via

    "She loves them, I hope. And also thinks I'm crazy, surely."

    Good one boys! 🎤.

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