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    Posted on 9 Oct 2015

    19 Things We Wish We Were Told Before Taking High School Exams

    We asked the BuzzFeed Oz staff what advice they wish they could tell their high school self during exam time.

    1. The best stationery is just as necessary as knowing all the facts. / Via

    "You did the right thing, test-driving all those pens. Choosing the one with the ~smoothest flow~ will definitely pay off during those lengthy written exams." - Gyan Yankovich

    2. Be prepared that everything you're learning may be forgotten down the track. And that's OK.


    "In a few years, you'll probably forget almost everything you studied. But you will have replaced it with so many random facts that actually matter to you." - Caitlin Jinks

    3. Exams only make up one part of your entire year.

    Columbia Pictures

    "What you do during the whole year is equally as important as how you do in your final exam (keep in mind how rankings affect the end mark you get)." - Michelle Rennex

    4. Don't be too hard on yourself.

    20th Century Fox

    "Don't put so much pressure on yourself. Everyone is feeling scared and that's totally fine too. But it's not worth tearing yourself down." - Caitlin Jinks

    5. Do just that little bit more study and you'll thank yourself later.


    "It can be overwhelmingly stressful, especially if you might not be as into school as your peers. It's not the be all and end all by any means, but try your best so that you don't look back on it with regret." - Tania Safi

    6. The stress you're going through right now will seem insignificant sooner than you think.

    NBC / Via

    "In five years you will look back and laugh about how crazy stressed you are right now." - Jenna Guillaume

    7. The right nutritious study beverage is super important for keeping refreshed.

    Natalie Dee / Via

    "Vitamin Water won't actually help you study. It will make you break out." - Gyan Yankovich

    8. You need to eat, even if you think you're too busy studying.

    imgfave / Via

    "Eat oatmeal in the morning before an exam - it's brain food and it'll keep you full throughout the exam. Nothing worse than being hungry during a test. I swore by this one!" - Shami Sivasubramanian

    9. Don't load up on too much caffeine. It can be detrimental.

    Giphy / Via

    "If you have two Red Bulls before your exam all it will do is give you sweaty palms.

    This will not help you concentrate." - Jemima Skelley

    10. Try to remain calm before going in.

    New Line Cinema

    "Don't hang around stressed-out people before your exam. That time is YOU time." - Shami Sivasubramanian

    11. The score you get is not the be all and end all.


    "Year 12 results do not define your life. By the time you're 20 you'll have forgotten your final marks". - Jemima Skelley

    12. Come prepared for the elements.

    Warner Bros.

    "Bring an extra jumper or shawl with you to drape over your legs. Every little bit of cosiness is worth it!" - Shami Sivasubramanian

    13. Take your time reading all the questions.


    "Read the question like ten times because I accidentally wrote about two texts in my essay when I only needed one. Goddamn." - Jemima Skelley

    14. Pace your water consumption during the exam.


    "Don't drink too much water otherwise you'll spend the exam peeing." - Mark Di Stefano

    15. Exams have an allotted time for a reason, try and use all of it.

    Pathé Exchange

    "Don't rush. Take your time. And if you finish with time to spare, try and read through what you wrote because you might remember something to add. I used to just hand it in as soon as it was done and run the hell out of there. Using the time they give you is a good idea. Which I never did." - Mat Whitehead

    16. Once the exam is over, don't stress about the answers.


    "Never, ever talk about the exam afterwards. Get the fuck out of there and go to the beach! It's rough when you hear the answers your mates put down. Maybe they’re right, maybe you’re right, but there’s no point stressing about it now." - Dean Nye

    17. How other people do doesn't affect you.

    Buena Vista Pictures

    "When the results came out I was too scared to check mine because a few of my mates had done really well and I knew mine wouldn't be as high. Let's be real, I got the score I needed to get into the course I wanted. That's all the really mattered. Oh and some of my mates had higher scores than me, others didn't and I survived." - Mikey Nicholson

    18. Top marks aren't the ONLY way to get into your chosen university course.


    "At the end of the day there are ways to get where you want to be even if your exams don't go well." - Michelle Rennex

    19. And there's more to life than a university degree.

    Thinkstock / Thinkstock

    "I wish I knew that the exams don't define your entire life. Yes, you want to do well, but if you don't, it'll be 100% OK. I know plenty of people who didn't do well who have pursued successful careers." - Caitlin Jinks

    GOOD LUCK! You'll do great!



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