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    These Dusty Photos Of The Australian Outback Are Simply Stunning

    "They come here for the cowboy romance, but after months in the heat and dust they give up."

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are warned that the following post may contain images of deceased persons.

    Swedish photographer Håkan Ludwigson made his first trip to the Northern Territory in 1980 after swapping the fashion world for the dusty Australian Outback.

    Håkan Ludwigson / Steidl / Via

    And the stunning photos he took during his stint have been turned into the book, Balls and Bulldust which explores life and work among the cattle workers of the Northern Territory in Australia.

    The book tells the story of men and women working intensely hard while seeking some kind of solitude and sense of space in the midst of harsh conditions.

    Håkan Ludwigson / Steidl / Via

    While Ludwigson spent months with his subjects, decades later, he's now interested in finding them again.

    Håkan Ludwigson / Steidl / Via

    On his website, Ludwigson says, "30 years have passed but I still have such vivid memories of all of you whom I met and photographed during my journeys in Outback Australia."

    Håkan Ludwigson / Steidl / Via

    "I have often wondered about what happened to you all. What turns did your life take? How do you look back on those dusty years? What are the memories, tales and thoughts that lead up to the present?"

    Balls and Bulldust describes life in Australia’s Outback as, "...a lifelong routine. The young are attracted by its romanticism, but are often shattered by its hardships."

    Håkan Ludwigson / Steidl / Via

    "Days are blistering hot, nights are cold; people sleep on 'swags' on the ground for weeks; the food is drab; red dust is ever-present."

    Håkan Ludwigson / Steidl / Via

    "And the men are bound to saddles twelve hours a day, mustering herds of cattle, branding and castrating young bulls."

    In 2015, Ludwigson just wants to find his subjects.

    Håkan Ludwigson / Steidl / Via

    He says, "If you find yourself in this book, I hope that you will let me know where I can find you today because I would be grateful if you could contribute to this historical documentation." Currently he's found 30% of his subjects.

    If you recognise yourself or someone in these photos you can contact Håkan Ludwigson here.

    Håkan Ludwigson / Steidl / Via

    Check out more information on Balls and Bulldust here.

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