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Everyone Needs To Stop Hiring These Sexist Homophobic Camper Vans

Listen up backpackers, we all know what it's like being a poor traveller in Australia, but stop enabling a company with camper vans that are sexist, misogynistic and homophobic. UPDATE: SIGN THE PETITION HERE

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How about drink till you STFU?

Harpoon the tyres of this van.


Is this a hate crime?

Not even childhood is sacred.

No words.

Promoting drink driving. Excellent.

For all your 1950s needs.

Why do you exist?

Someone learned how to proverb.

*shakes head*

Form an orderly line ladies.

Great to see the 'How to avoid dickheads' system is working.

Homophobia is the new black.

I'm horrible, never hire me.

Inside every Wicked camper van there's a bunch of vile humans.

Hi. I'm driving a Wicked camper van. Do not approach me.

Can we all make a promise that if we're thinking of driving around Australia on a gap year, working holiday or for shits and giggles that we won't use a company that continues to perpetuate heinous messages on its vehicles?

Now the world is a better place.

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