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27 Things All Former Underage Aussie Drinkers Can Totally Relate To

"Yeah, nah I got a fake ID though."

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2. And there was no better feeling than prepping for a well deserved backyard house party after a looooong week at school.


Head: "Don't forget that assignment due Monday".

Heart: "Who cares it's Friday!"

3. You couldn't wait to empty your textbooks out of your schoolbag to replace them with mixed drinks.

4. After sneaking your stash past your parents, you'd wait out front for your deso mate on their P's to pick you up.

And you always knew where the important cargo had to go.

5. Every party you rocked up to had a fridge that looked like a rainbow.

This was well before your taste (and wallet) had ~matured~ to bottled wines.

6. You'd get the party started with technicoloured drinks that were so sweet your teeth hurt.

Hey, you didn't know any better!

7. But that also meant going through the end of party ritual of trying to hide your vodka stained tongue from your parents.

8. You were a massive Red Bear drinker because honestly, who wasn't?

9. Or maybe you were too busy working your way through every Cruiser flavour.

10. But you lost count of the times you drank whatever brand was on hand.

Particularly when your parents would allow you ONLY two drinks.

11. And you could always pick the already seasoned drinkers because they were the ones with the Woody cans.

12. Some parties you'd bust out the Passion Pop because you thought you were being fancy.

14. The best parties would have Goon of Fortune ready and raring to go.

You'll never forget your first time experiencing this backyard rite of passage.

15. And even if you didn’t necessarily have the ~right~ equipment, it didn’t hold anyone back.

"It's not Trevor's fault he doesn't have a Hills Hoist washing line but that won't stop us!"


17. But there was always that one friend that had taken it too far and was definitely going to get spewy.

20. At the point in the night where the party started to die, some legend that puberty blessed would suggest hitting the town.

21. So everyone would head to the club and you'd be left to try the oldest trick in the book.

22. Most ridiculous attempts to fool the "not buying your underage shit" bar staff would fall pretty flat.

23. And, if you were lucky, you'd make a breakthrough and get served aka the greatest night of your underage life!

24. Then, as every weekend slowly drew to a close, you'd always make the same promise to yourself...

25. least until the next weekend rolled around.

26. And now that you're no longer underage with weekend after weekend of house parties to attend, all you can do is reflect on your glorious youth.