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    27 Things Aussie ‘90s Guys Low-key Loved

    "Yes, I know all the words to 'MMMBop'."

    1. You trawled through the pages of Dolly to get to the Dolly Doctor section for a lesson in female anatomy.

    2. Lip Smackers had way better smells and flavours than your regular run-of-the-mill Chapsticks.

    3. Even though you cringed when girls sprayed you with Impulse, you knew it smelled excellent.

    4. You were fully aware that Polly Pockets always had the best worlds.

    5. Let's be real, Polly Pockets were so amazing a ~boy~ version was released called Mighty Max.

    6. You'd sneak out copies of Sweet Valley High from the school library.

    7. And sniffled your way through Looking For Alibrandi.

    Penguin Australia / Orchard Books

    8. You were always fascinated by these.

    9. And these voice activated journals looked so freakin' awesome.

    10. You would try to play it cool when visiting The Lost Forest.

    The Lost Forest / Via

    But you were dying to buy a Puggle to snuggle with.

    11. You knew the rap to "Wannabe" and loved dancing around to "...Baby One More Time".


    12. And you loved these boy bands too because who didn't?!

    Mercury / Polygram

    13. You stole the posters from your sister's TV Hits to plaster on your walls.

    Pacific Magazines

    14. You thought wind was way more badass than fire in Captain Planet.


    15. And that Disney Princesses weren't just for the girls.


    16. You were endlessly fascinated by this witchcraft.

    YouTube / Via

    17. And you knew this cheeky smile from the girls meant a makeover was coming.


    But you didn't mind anyway.

    18. When netball season rolled around you were super pumped to pull on a bib.


    19. And you couldn't wait for "Jump Rope For Heart" time of the year so you could get your skip on and win prizes.

    Heart Foundation / Via

    20. You made all your important life decisions via a tried and tested method.

    Instagram / Via

    21. And you and your mates told each other's fortunes with folded paper.

    22. Of course this is how you mapped out the rest of your life.

    Mikey Nicholson for BuzzFeed

    23. You never told anyone that the real reason you wanted to get your eyebrow pierced is because Drazic had one.


    24. And every so often you wanted to be in The Baby-Sitters Club too.

    Columbia Pictures

    25. Even if the show was called Ocean Girl you still tried to do her swim.

    Channel Ten

    26. You and your mates definitely had an opinion on what was better out of Neighbours and Home & Away.

    Channel Ten
    Seven Network

    27. And you pretended not to, but you loved Dawson's Creek...

    The WB / Via

    ...maybe for Joey Potter or maybe because it truly spoke to you too.

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