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These Fashionable Staffies Are Besties And They’re Cute AF

Their cuteness has gone to the dogs.

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Owner, Jennifer McLean of Brisbane, told BuzzFeed, "I started taking photos of them because of the amazing ways they chose to snuggle up together."

Jennifer McLean

"Before I had Instagram, I’d upload photos of them on my own Facebook nestled into each other and my family and friends would never believe that they got into the positions they were in by themselves. The comments would always be 'OMG how on EARTH did you get them to do that?!'"

"I never really intended on them being known for wearing onesies but they really (really) love wearing clothes."

Jennifer McLean

"As soon as they are dressed in their onesies they immediately want to snuggle. They will find a spot on the couch and bury their noses into one another and that's it for a few hours."

"It started out with actual dog clothes and then to kids jumpers... before I knew it I was shopping in the baby section buying onesies in department stores."

Jennifer McLean

"I've had a few shop attendants ask me who I'm buying for and when I tell them it's for my dogs, the response I get is mostly that they think I've completely lost it."

Jennifer says, "My fiancé and I are passionate Staffy owners because they are honestly the most loving and loyal animal we've ever encountered."

Jennifer McLean

"Along with pitbulls, staffies have such a bad wrap from the media and some of the public which breaks my heart because we see every day how loving these dogs are. I believe 100% that it’s all how the animal is raised that makes them vicious (or cuddly) and mine have definitely been raised to be extra cuddly."

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