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    24 Interspecies Friends That Should Be Your BFF Goals


    1. This colourful duo.

    2. This friendship filled with poipose.

    3. These two who get themselves into prickly situations.

    4. This couple that see well in the dark.

    5. These adorable napping mates.

    6. This match made in heaven.

    7. This face-off.

    8. This hang out.

    9. These adoring mates.

    10. These canoodlers.

    11. This snuggler's delight.

    12. And this winter warmer.

    13. These Easter doppelgängers.

    14. These two massive goat getters.

    15. These pals that get a little carried away.

    16. These chillers.

    17. And these posers.

    18. These couch potatoes.

    19. These sweet embracers.

    20. These two that know the pecking order.

    21. This friendship that nothing can come between.

    22. These quack-ups.

    23. These brunching legends.

    24. And this baaaaa-dass squad.

    H/T interspeciesfriendship

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