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    22 Memes That Are Way Too Real For People With Curly Hair

    My hairstyle is called "I tried".

    1. Your morning reflection is always a hot mess.

    2. And with every new day comes a fresh battle with the weather.

    3. Which means you can never take any risks.

    4. Or figure out a regular hair schedule.

    5. You've had many arguments with your hair.

    6. Sometimes you'll even falter and give in to its demands.

    7. And you can relate to this on a deep, deep level.

    8. You only ever have one true style.

    9. Which you're constantly at the mercy of.

    10. You often get asked how you got your look.

    11. And although it sounds simple, it never is.

    12. You're always in awe of others...

    13. ...because some things just never work out for you.

    14. And that can get costly.

    15. People with straight hair just don't understand the struggle.

    16. And for some reason the general public don't get the concept of personal space.

    17. Sometimes they even think they know your hair better than you.

    18. And you wish there was a way to really show them what you deal with.

    19. The simple act of taking an on point selfie can be tough.

    20. But the sooner you realise that this is your life, the better.

    21. Because while having curly hair can be a struggle, it's the simple things in life you hope for.

    22. And deep down you KNOW you've got a damn fine head of hair on you.