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18 Times Tumblr Proved America Must Adopt The Metric System

Give them a centimetre and they'll take a kilometre.

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America, we need to talk.


It's time to ditch the imperial system, adopt the metric system and join the rest of the fucking world.

20th Century Fox

We don't want to hear another word because Tumblr has shut. It. Down.

1. While your position on this subject has been known for quite a while.

2. And change might come as a shock to you.

3. You know you're fighting a losing battle when an app knows what's what.

4. Even your ~famous~ arguments are null and void.

5. Does avoiding metric mean so much to you that you want to side with these people?


6. Look, you're the only reason the imperial system still exists.

7. See.

8. And it's really stressing people the fuck out.

9. Of course, there are a few Americans that see the positives.

10. And even some non-Americans have learned to tolerate.

11. But mostly everyone is super confused.

12. And rightly so.

Why are you so stubborn America?

Why are you so stubborn America?

13. So America, all you have to do is follow this handy explainer on your way to metric bliss...

...and stop being so difficult.

...and stop being so difficult.

14. Seriously.

15. Because honestly, once you've made the switch, your life will be much easier.

16. And theories like this will be a distant memory.

17. All you need is someone with vision.

18. America, stop being difficult and get on board the Metric Train.