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We Need To Talk About '00s Pop Music Festival Rumba

Who wouldn't want to see Shaggy and Bardot at the same show?

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The year was 2001 and Austereo joined forces with Frontier Touring to bring us "the world's biggest stars" for "the world's biggest festival."


It was the WORLD'S BIGGEST alright. Namely the lineup was filled with the people who released the bangers of our youth such as Craig David, Human Nature, Nelly Furtado and Bardot.

While there were HUGE international artists, Rumba also made sure your local pop faves got in on the action.

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Leah Haywood and her total mix CD must-have, anyone?


And just when we thought it couldn't get any better... along came 2002.


Shaggy clearly couldn't get enough of the festival (same, tbh) but this time we were also treated to Pink! Shakaya! Sugababes! Bon Jovi! And someone called Jeremy stood in for Joanne. The list just goes on.

But let's be real, Taxiride and their goddamn hook-y AF tunes owned it.

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Can we also take a moment to acknowledge that one of their albums was called Garage Mahal? Iconic.