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19 Things That Will Give You Intense Nostalgia For Healthy Harold

Fruit and veg stuck to the wall with velcro just makes sense.

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BuzzFeed Oz recently got to relive an iconic primary school experience by visiting Life Education NSW and reuniting with the one and only Healthy Harold.

Mikey Nicholson / BuzzFeed

We learnt a lot about life but remembered even more. Here are some of the things that made us most nostalgic...

1. Seeing this van pull up at school was the best time of the year.

Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

You knew you were in for a good week when this was parked in the play ground or school car park. You couldn't wait until it was your class' turn to experience the fun of Healthy Harold's van.

3. Eager students would wait for the learning to begin (but mostly wanted to see Harold).

Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed

It always seemed crazy how they managed to fit an entire class in here. Although it's a lot harder when you're a bunch of adults wedged in.


5. The educator always seemed like the coolest, most knowledgeable person in your little primary school world.

Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed

How did they know all of the things we needed to be healthy AND were also best mates with Harold?!?!

7. And sometimes if you were lucky you'd see the high tech TAM.

While she's not officially on the bus, she is located in Life Education's head office amphitheatre. For the record, as a twentysomething it's surprisingly hard to locate your own body's organs.


9. But let's be real, Harold was the main attraction. And waiting for him to appear was always the highlight of the experience.

Yelling out his name, knocking on the walls, having the educator yell out to a magical world behind the curtain all added to the experience.

10. And then the real fun began when the lights went down and the twinkly stars on the ceiling came on.

Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

Even if you knew you were still inside the van you were pretty sure Harold was a magical giraffe controlling the lights.


12. There was lots of time for audience participation.

Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed

And you would sit there and listen intently to your classmates even it was really hard to contain your excitement knowing you were in Harold's presence. Of course you wouldn't dare put a foot wrong in his van for fear of being kicked out and missing out on all the fun.

13. Then there would be organs on a rolled up mat.

And it was Serious Business trying to figure out where they went. You never wanted to get it wrong (even if there were a lot of mistakes in those early years).

14. A lot of time was spent playing guessing games.

Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

In primary school you had no idea where anything went, but as each year progressed you got better at remembering. In 2015 tho, it doesn't matter how many episodes of Grey's Anatomy you've watched, you will still have no idea where body parts go. Yes, that is the human kidneys upside down.

15. You'd also learn safety lessons for every day life.

Most of the teaching is straight out of the '90s because every generation goes through the same issues, although some things have been updated (see: MEMES).


17. When you got to the lessons on drugs and alcohol it meant you were a big kid.

And it was never super preachy. Just information presented for everyone to draw their own conclusions.

19. And of course, huggable Harold.

Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed

Healthy Harold certificate in check meant you were ready to live your best life. You were also able to confuse the hell out of people by telling them you grew up learning about your body, nutrition, drugs and alcohol from a puppet in the back of a dark van.

Check out more information on Healthy Harold and the Life Education program in your state here.

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