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    The Internet Isn’t Sure What To Think Of The Angry Birds Film

    When movies 'app-en.

    One of your favourite morning commute distractions, Angry Birds, is making its way to the big screen because why not? And here's the teaser trailer.

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    Yep, that's right, now all your gaming frustrations will be translated INTO FILM!

    Adding their names to the celebrity vocal cast include Jason Sudeikis as Red.

    SNL Queen, Maya Rudolph as Matilda.

    Josh Gad as Chuck.

    OMG it's the voice of Olaf from "Frozen".

    Bill Hader as Leonard, the leader of the pigs.

    Danny McBride as Bomb.

    Naturally, there's been a whole range of reactions across Twitter.

    @AngryBirds The trailer made my day! I am speechless! Eeeee! #AngryBirdsMovie

    Ranging from the excited.

    This looks really fun! #AngryBirdsMovie 😂🐥🐦

    After watching the new trailer for #angrybirdsmovie I kinda wanna see it

    Watching this trailer makes me legit want to play the game again. #AngryBirds #angrybirdsmovie

    To people already picking their faves.

    I love Bomb. He just seems so chill. #angrybirdsmovie

    To the downright confused.

    There's going to be an #AngryBirdsMovie? Don't know how I feel about that.

    How do you make this into a movie?...#angrybirdsmovie

    And some bewilderment at the thought of an app movie.

    I can't believe their's an Angry Birds movie coming out next summer😂 #angrybirdsmovie

    Get ready to see a whole lot more of these birds next year.

    "The Angry Birds Movie" will be released in May 2016.