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An Unemployed Australian Man Just Won The Internet And Probably Got A Job

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Remember when the Australian Government decided it would be a good idea to make unemployed people apply for 40 jobs a month?

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Some patriots tried to make it easier for everyone involved by creating an app.

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But one South Australian man took matters into his own hands and told everyone what he was really thinking.

Please regard this correspondence as my resume in the event that your business/company have an inclination for employment opportunities now or in the near future.Born on 13/3/1952; I am a sixty plus year old male forced back into seeking employment after early retirement in 2005... I now have to deal with Centrelink policy in order to eat. They say I need to bother the shit out of at least five poor bastards like you per week as proof of singing for my supper....Living in an isolated area north of Adelaide is a bit of an issue and I have all the health issues of a bloke in his sixties. Centrelink does not think it would be a problem. I need to be a quadruple amputee, blind, deaf and dumb with severe intellectual impairment to get any sort of consideration for a pension.So! If you think you have something and are desperate enough to employ this silly old bastard, instead of one of the thousands of twenty and thirty year olds floating around, then you can reply to the address above.This probably isn't the usual type of resume you might receive, however, I won't guild the lily and insult your intelligence. You won't be fooled by the crap in regular CVs and I will not talk bullshit. If you have a decent job with decent wages for me, then I probably would take it."

Well done sir.

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