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    Updated on 4 Jan 2020. Posted on 3 Mar 2016

    Dear World: It's Time You Got On Board With Chicken Salt

    Chicken salt is life.

    Alright people of the world, time to take a seat.


    Something has been bothering us for quite a while.

    The CW


    Alrugo Entertainment

    You don’t even seem to know of its existence.


    So sad.

    FYI, there’s a range of chicken salts available for your everyday food needs.

    Windsor Farm / Masterfoods / Mitani / Anchor / Jada

    But most importantly, it's a MUST on hot chips.

    See that golden/orange-y colour on the chips? That's chicken salt.

    No hot chip order is complete without piling the stuff on.

    *Licks computer screen.*

    And it makes any deep fried potato deliciousness 100% better, that's how good it is.


    Which is why you’re all missing out on this flavour sensation.

    If meat isn't your thing, no worries, it’s not really chicken anyway.


    What even is it? Who cares because YUM.

    So next time you’re talking to your Aussie mates, get them to send you a PROPER care package…

    …chicken salt and all.


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