21 Times This Lego Couple Was Better At Holiday Instagramming Than You

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1. Beaching

Cape le Grand National Park, Western Australia

2. Laneway-ing

Hosier Lane, Melbourne

3. 12 Apostles-ing

The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

4. Museum-ing

South Australian Museum, South Australia

5. Public Transporting

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne

6. Cycling

Victoria Square, Adelaide

7. Nation’s Capital-ing

Parliament House, Canberra

8. Big Lobster-ing

Kingston, South Australia

9. We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat-ing

Albufiera, Portugal

10. Democracy-ing

House of Representatives, Canberra

11. Steve Irwin-ing

Australia Zoo, Queensland

12. Beach Combing

Albufeira, Portugal

13. Water Slide-ing

New South Wales

14. Sacre Coeur-ing

Paris, France

15. Flagging

Tamara Beach, New South Wales

16. Weight Lifting

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

17. Night Life-ing

Bitexco Tower Skydeck, Ho Chi Minh City

18. Surfing

Nobbys Beach, Newcastle

19. Temple-ing

Reclining Buddha, Laos

21. And Meta-ing

LEGOLAND Billund, Denmark

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