14 Ads That Defined Your ’90s Childhood

Earworm-y ads that EVERY Australian knows.

1. Shampoo-ing has never been so sexy

2. Ba-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na

3. When QANTAS was still good

If you didn’t know someone or know someone who knew someone in this ad, you weren’t doing Australia right.

4. What’s a Yellow Pages?

5. Stopping piracy in its tracks

Shout out to the updated version that fast forwarded through half the message until the end.

6. AFL through the eyes of foreigners

Let’s be honest, even Australians find AFL ridiculous.

7. Bread and gender stereotypes

8. Dougie the Pizza Boy

9. Dads as the hopeless chef

10. Eat your heart out Celebrations

11. Soap actor has bigger career from cleaning products


Being so successful and simple, RSPCA still air this ad.

13. Elvis sells peanut butter?

14. What do you think Frank?

An entire generation will never know the joys of driving to a video store, spending an hour finding the right selection mix, sweet talking the attendant into wiping previous late fees and then sitting through previews and ads before getting to the main event.
I cry.

What have I missed?

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