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    I Tried A Diet Without Sugar, Gluten, And Dairy For Three Months

    There is more to a diet than whining! (Although there's a lot of that too.)

    Hi, I'm Michelle! I just turned 40 last month and run operations at BuzzFeed. I'm a competitive athlete and eat healthily, besides a weakness for cookies.

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    Despite my healthy lifestyle, I recently learned I was borderline pre-diabetic with an A1C number of 5.7. So when my coworker decided to do a BuzzFeed Video about people trying to reverse high A1C numbers I jumped at the opportunity! Over three months, two coworkers and I worked with a registered dietitian and nutritionist to follow customized diets.

    In a nutshell, my diet was no dairy, gluten, or added sugar. I also had to eat tons of green things. Over the course of three months on this diet, here are some things I learned...

    People really wanted me to cheat.

    Going dairy-free did wonders for my skin.

    Adding walnuts to my pesto instead of parmesan cheese was an awesome hack to give it more flavor.

    Salad is not a garnish.

    Spices are my friend.

    Soy sauce contains gluten because why would it not?

    Literally everything in the world has added sugar.

    Planning ahead and carrying snacks made me less likely to cheat — and less likely to starve.

    When I cheated, my tummy would hurt.

    People kept asking me why I was on a diet.

    Three months sounds long, but it is totally doable.

    Final thoughts...