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    10 Reasons Why Your Life Would Be Harder Without Trucking

    Trucks are essential for our most basic needs.

    You may not realize how important trucking is to our daily lives.

    1. No Football / Via

    Yes, that means no College Gameday.

    2. Grocery stores are empty ... Yup that means NO food.

    3. Worse, liquor stores are empty

    4. Forget about your office … and enjoy sitting on the floor.

    5. Your favorite place to go shopping? Nothing’s there either.

    6. You won’t be seeing your Amazon order anytime soon.

    Good luck with the drones.

    7. Trucks travel billions of miles every year to get you the products you need.

    8. Trucking professionals are one of the first to respond to help those in need

    Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, the Joplin tornadoes…truck drivers were there with food, water, materials, shelter and comfort for those who needed it..

    9. Truck drivers even take part in charities that move precious cargo across the country

    Operation Roger allows professional truck drivers to transport abandoned and abused pets across the country to their new owners and “fur-ever” homes

    10. Seven million people are employed by the trucking industry to make your life what it is today and allow you to read this amazing piece on your phone, tablet or computer!

    Let’s face it, trucking is awesome!

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