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    These Funny Tweets About Horribly Embarrassing Moments Made Me Cringe So Hard

    Whatever embarrassing thing you may have done isn't as embarrassing as these!

    Did something embarrassing just happen to you?

    If so, you're in the right place! This post has been specifically designed to make you feel better about what happened. OK, let's get started:

    1. Your thing is less embarrassing than THIS, right?


    2. And it's got to be less embarrassing than this:

    My roommate went on a bumble date and was nervous so decided to pound shots in her car once she got to the place they were meeting and the guy was parked next to her and watched her chug vodka for 5 minutes. Dating is rough.

    3. Tell yourself, at least I didn't email my kid's first grade teacher about getting dick.

    I accidentally sent this to my little sisters first grade teacher but I meant sick omg

    4. Will you still be thinking about your thing in seven years? Probably not, right?

    @ItsAndyRyan Seven years ago I got into a taxi and asked to be dropped off three miles away. At the end of the journey when I went to pay, I realised it was not a taxi. I’m still cringing.

    5. Did you embarrass yourself in front of people you have to see EVERY DAMN DAY?

    went to class today really thinking i had grabbed my computer off the kitchen counter

    6. Are you going to have to find a new vet because of your gaffe?

    @tinytwink I was holding my cat in my arms so the vet could give him an cat was struggling and frightened so I bent and kissed his head to comfort him, only it wasn’t his head, the vet had gripped his neck ready to inject and I kissed the back of the vet’s hand 😜

    7. Is your thing — oh my — worse than this cringe-fest?

    @ItsAndyRyan Was at a coffee shop and a girl yelled “anyone want a coffee? I need to spend $5 more to use my card.” I piped up and said I do. I offered her cash for the coffee of course but it was later that I realized she had a group of friends she was yelling at.

    8. If your embarrassment happened online, was it this bad?

    I just put two kisses on the online chat that I'm having with the guy updating my car insurance policy. And we are not at the end of the conversation. Kill me now

    9. Or, if it WAS as bad as the last one, was it as bad as THIS one?

    Distracted while on the phone to a guy from IT, I decided to google his name to see what he looked like. Completely forgetting I’d shared my screen with him...

    10. Surely you didn't expose your porn preferences to your boss:

    Fucking kill me now. My boss asks to use my phone if I could look up yesterday's Powerball results and so we're both looking at my phone, I type in Po in search bar and Pornhub categories comes up 😭 faaar who used my phone last LMAO kefe

    11. Or have a "moment" with the masseuse:

    i was getting a massage earlier and the girl who was massaging me ran her hand over mine so she could give me a hand massage and my dumbass locked our fingers together cause i thought she wanted to hold hands just kill me now

    12. I mean, your thing wasn't as embarrassing as this aunt's, right?

    @ItsAndyRyan My aunt wandered into an open air restaurant in Greece, sat down, she had no Greek, they no English. So she pointed at what others were having, they brought her wine and food. Only when she tried to pay and they refused did she realise she'd just crashed someone's wedding party.

    13. The point is you're not alone in suffering an embarrassment, and your moment probably pales in comparison to others:

    @ItsAndyRyan While visiting a new church, the vicar announced that it was time for the children to come up to the front. My sister & I joined them. Turns out the kids were about to perform a dance routine they'd been practising for weeks. We were too scared to say anything. Still cringing.

    14. Right?

    I met someone today who worked for Triple A and I thought they said Chick-fil-A so after 15 min of talking, I asked what his specific job was and he said roadside assistance and I was like wow chick-fil-a is unmatched...then I asked how they make their sauce and then it got weird

    15. And, at the very least, you can be glad you didn't butt dial your mom while having sex:

    8 years ago today I butt dialed my mom during sex... worst part wasnt even her finding out I was having sex it was that she thought I was somewhere dying in a ditch... Easily most embarrassing moments of my life, I’m glad timehop is here to remind me of it 🤟😅🤢

    Those were all worse than your thing, right? How're you feeling?

    But if your thing was worse, well...