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14 Dogs Who Almost Definitely Have Kids Of Their Own

Because raising kids can be a little ruff.

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1. When your kid talks back to you in public:

walterthechi / Via

2. When your kid talks back to you at home:

kyubi333 / Via

3. When you're watching your kindergartener pour themselves a glass of orange juice:

bailey_button_r / Via

4. When you finally sit on the couch after getting your kids down for the night:

skintherapy22 / Via skintherapy22

5. When you're trying to find your kid's lost sippy cup:

winstons_pug_life / Via

6. When you're trying to clean your baby's blowout diaper and realize you're out of wipes:

winner_show_kennel / Via

7. When your kid says, "Can we go do something fun?" less than an hour after getting back from Chuck E. Cheese:

8. When a stranger snaps at your kid for no reason:

angelalynn0024 / Via

9. When you and your partner are making sure your kid makes it onto the school bus safely:

minnesnowdogs / Via

10. When you were up all night with the baby:

mypupboutique / Via

11. When the car in front of you in the school drop-off line won't pull forward:

milo_itsadogslife / Via

12. When your kids run across your new rug without taking off their muddy shoes:

filothemaltesegirl / Via

13. When you get your hair done for the first time in a long time but don't love it:

chloethemodel / Via

14. And when you're watching your kid in a school performance:

hellojello_official / Via

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