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    14 WTF Photos That'll Make You Go, "What About The Children?!"

    All together now: "Won't somebody please think of the children?!"

    Folks, we need to talk about the kids.


    1. Like, who exactly thought it'd be a good idea to sell them scratch and sniff scissors?

    u/coffeeaddict121518 / Via

    Kids, while bleeding profusely from their faces: "It smells good!"

    2. Or that writing "Keep out of the reach of children" negated the fact these moth balls look like freakin' candy?!

    u/mckensi / Via

    3. We need to immediately apologize to any kids who were forced to eat these IRL nightmares.

    u/Llodsliat / Via

    4. Or any kids who had to play in this very "office-like" Kids Zone.

    u/Baseballorion / Via

    "Mommy, I got to pretend I was waiting for an oil change!"

    5. Here's another question: why on earth did a restaurant hand out to kids a puzzle maze that CANNOT be solved?

    u/Grayskis / Via

    6. Also, who exactly thought this was going to even remotely challenge kids?

    u/Reterhd / Via

    7. So many questions — like, can someone explain why anyone thought this was a good idea?

    u/FlaccidOctopus / Via

    8. At least that ride didn't make kids play hopscotch in a parking lot!

    u/Bacon_Swegglord / Via

    9. While we're chatting — why are kids being sold this copulating panda shirt?

    u/TenFootLoPan / Via

    10. And why is this toddler being made to hammer a nail into his leg?

    u/Trey_Thirds / Via

    11. And! Why didn't the people who put this up immediately take it down when they know?

    u/LTURhino / Via

    12. How exactly does this nightlight comfort scared kids in the dark?

    u/eternalcinnamonroll / Via

    Yikes! Minnie? Is that you?

    13. Why oh why are kids taken to a "family fun park" that looks like this? / Via Creative Commons

    14. And, lastly, why do we subject kids to this bootleg Barney?

    u/xXElMataJotosXx / Via

    I mean, really!


    H/t r/mildlyinfuriating!

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