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    9 Times Parents Trolled Their Kids And 9 Times Kids Trolled Them Back

    Parents and kids have been at war for millions of years.

    1. There was this parent, who presented their kid with this gift after they'd asked for a 3DS.

    u/lundah / Via

    2. And this kid, who gave their parent an equally hilarious "gift."

    u/Dr_Risbo / Via

    3. There was this dad, who took his kids to Toys "R" Us (after it'd closed down) and told them they could get whatever they wanted.

    u/oneyedmonkey / Via

    4. And this kid who, when forced to power wash the deck, sent dad a message.

    u/Qrusader62 / Via

    5. There was this parent, who made their picky-eating kids a mouthwatering meal of "feetloaf."

    u/yarddriver1275 / Via

    6. And this kid, who plastered their mom's least favorite word all over her room.

    fullerfab29 / Via

    7. There was this mom, who surprised her kids with Easter baskets full of cleaning supplies.

    jessica_arvold / Via

    8. And this kid, who hijacked Mother's Day in the most troll-tastic way possible.

    u/Why1sGam0Ra / Via

    9. There was this parent, who renamed their Netflix profiles to be bluntly accurate.

    weisagirl / Via

    10. And this kid, who removed all the labels from the cans in the pantry.

    u/nerdy_J / Via redditcom

    11. There was this dad, who liked to troll his kids by re-creating their selfies.

    therealburrmartin / Via Instagram: @therealburrmartin

    12. And this kid, who trolled his dad by calling him their "hero," but also a hero who is deathly afraid of mom, lol.

    u/irfansarwani / Via

    13. There were these parents, who warned their bath-phobic kids that they had an older, bath-phobic sibling who turned into a mushroom — and even included this "older sibling" in the family photo albums.

    14. And this kid, who dropped an equally improbable story about why he COULDN'T take a shower.

    sarahszuz / Via

    15. There were these parents, who put this sticker on their car that must've had their kids like, "Wow."

    u/Samuel_Vader / Via

    16. And this kid, who had this savage response to their dad turning 40.

    MilitusLetum / Via

    17. There was this dad who — when his son forgot something at home — dropped it off at school like this.

    doltan / Via

    18. And finally there was this kid (Kristen Bell’s daughter, actually) who made mom dress up as Elsa for Halloween. 😂🤣😂🤣

    kristenanniebell / Via