26 DIY Projects That Make Your Kids Say, "Whoa!"

    Making dreams come true.

    1. Make shark attack soap for your kid's bathroom.

    2. Transform an old entertainment center into a kid’s dream play kitchen.

    3. Re-purpose an old tire into an en-tire-ly original kid's seat.

    4. You can also make a tire into this adorable backyard rocker.

    5. Speaking of the backyard, this airplane swing will seriously impress your little ones.

    6. Older kids, meanwhile, will want this skateboard swing in their yard. Like, now.

    7. Use Kool-Aid to make the most colorful play slime ever.

    8. You can also whip up some glow in the dark playdough.

    9. Watch your kid's jaw drop with this science experiment that makes flowers change color.

    10. DIY these no-sew Minecraft pillows.

    11. An old lamp + action figures = the coolest kid's lamp ever.

    12. Let your kids play a few games of night bowling.

    13. Turn a regular fan into an amazing rainbow one.

    14. Grow wonderfully colorful crystals right at home.

    15. Put the final touches on your playroom by DIYing a ball pit.

    16. Turn travel into a blast with this portable Lego kit.

    17. Want more Lego awesomeness? Make this Lego table!

    18. Keep your small fry busy way longer than usual by DIYing this toddler busy board.

    19. DIY a flameless fire pit so your kid's indoor campouts feel like the real thing.

    20. Make a see-through outdoor painting easel.

    21. Set up a robot building play station.

    22. Set up an American Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course.

    23. Put a race course for Matchbox cars in your backyard.

    24. Serve ice cream in droolworthy bowls made out of chocolate.

    25. Build this spectacularly-shaped cardboard house.

    26. And if you want to REALLY go for it with cardboard boxes, you can make this a-maze-ing masterpiece.