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    16 Reasons Why Parents Hate Slime With A Fiery Passion


    1. If you're a parent, you know this stuff β€” slime β€” is the absolute fucking worst.

    2. Why? So, so many reasons...but let's start with an easy one. Your kids leave it ALL. OVER. THE. HOUSE.

    3. And it ends up getting stuck in places it REALLY shouldn't, like your beautiful (make that formerly beautiful) carpet.

    4. Slime can also β€” who knows how β€” end up on the ceiling. Which is, you know, just great. Just, just great.

    5. Oh β€” lol, good times β€” it can totally stain your couch too!

    6. "But wait! There's more!" Slime will also get stuck all over your kid's clothes!

    7. And it will stain your kid's hands! Yay!

    8. The worst, though, is when slime gets stuck in your kid's hair. If you're lucky you'll get it out after a long battle. If you're not...see below:

    9. There are many more reasons to hate slime, of course. Like the fact that your kids use all of your plastic storage containers for the stuff.

    10. They also use up all of your damn contact solution β€” there's a reason this mom is wearing her glasses as her kids buy MORE contact solution.

    11. Almost as annoying is the fact your kids are bugging you to buy this stuff over and over and OVER!

    12. I mean, how can slime be good when parents have to make their kids send texts like this one?

    13. The most annoying thing about slime, though, is how often your kids beg to make it. Every day, sometimes multiple times a day!

    14. And if you say "no"? Well, kids are fine with that. LOL, JK, they throw fits, like this kid who wrote: "You are the worst parent because you don't let me have slime!!!!!"

    15. Of course, in the rare instance your kids aren't begging to make slime, they're watching people make it on YouTube. It's madness, I tell you. Madness!

    16. Eventually the craze will pass (please, please let it pass), but in the meantime every parent is basically ready to go full Liam Neeson on the stuff.