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    15 Things That Will Make Parents Need To Take A Puff Off Their Inhalers

    If you can make it through these, you can make it through parenting.

    1. This door that had to be torn open after a toddler locked themselves in the bathroom.

    elishicker_chicago_realtor / Via

    2. This totally not scary Pennywise lookalike in the window of a toy store.

    fishapolis / Via

    3. These kids just casually chilling next to a tiger at a used car dealership.

    palinedromerhymes_ / Via

    4. And this father and son riding without helmets.

    chammo02 / Via

    5. This thong on a baby, which is

    laloyauxnini / Via

    6. This "My first vape" toy.

    valvexo / Via

    I know, I know, it's not a real baby product. But still...shudder.

    7. This dad who is failing real, real hard.

    8. This charger, which got "toddlerized."

    ashleyyylol / Via

    9. This dad who, let's hope, wasn't hours from home without an extra shirt in his car.

    10. This "juice" which contains a whopping 0% juice!

    yoga.mimi / Via

    And you thought those "contains 10% real fruit juice" drinks were bad.

    11. This mom who got pink eye from, you guessed it, her kids.

    s0phie_white / Via


    12. These kids who turned their parents new couch into a winter wonderland.

    13. And the kid who went all Picasso on this nice leather couch.

    nothingimportanthappendtoday / Via

    14. This touching moment.

    15. And this (thankfully not real) photo which nails what it feels like to step on your kid's Lego bricks.

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