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23 Memes That Will Make Parents Laugh But Scare The Shit Out Of Non-Parents

Either way you're going to feel some things.

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1. On being busy.


2. On "pampering" yourself.

minimalistmomlife / Via

3. On having two kids.

Via How To Be A Dad.
How To Be A Dad / Via Instagram: @howtobeadad

4. And on having four!

5. On weekends.

Via Alyceoneword.
alyceoneword / Via

6. On Minecraft or, probably.

Via Mum_Probs.

7. On...your life now.


8. On trying to sleep.


9. On checking on the baby.

Via What My Kid Really Means.
whatmykidreallymeans / Via

10. On how you now take walks.

Via Bad Parenting Moments.
badparentingmoments / Via

11. On your poor, poor bank account.


12. And on your poor, poor bank account again.

Via Cynical Parent.
cynicalparent / Via

13. On leaving the house without your kids.

Via Ramblin' Mama.
Warner Bros.

14. And on the morning after.

Via What My Kid Really Means.
whatmykidreallymeans / Via

15. On romance.

Via MomcCode.
momcode / Via

Via MomcCode.

16. On your parents.

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17. On school fundraisers.

Via Simon Holland.
simoncholland / Via Facebook: pg

18. On "enjoying" dinner.


19. On how parenting changes you.

theoffbeatmom / Via

20. On your "sanctuary."

Via Perfection Pending.

21. On your living room.

Via Dad and Buried.

22. On summer.

Via MotherPlaylist.

23. And on, well, parenthood.

Via Parenting_like_a_boss.
parenting_like_a_boss / Via
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