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    21 Hilarious Tweets About Things 3-Year-Olds Said

    "The pineapple told me I could!"


    Me: Hey, you can't just run around outside naked. 3yo: I'm not. I'm walking.


    3yo: I need a bandaid for my ouch Me: *gets bandaid* 3yo: *screaming* NOT THAT BANDAID!


    3yo: *sticks his hand in my back pocket as we walk* Me: Please don't do that. 3yo: The pineapple told me I could. Dang creep pineapple.


    3YO: "I'm always a mommy to my baby. Do you know where my baby is?"


    3yo child of a friend during a stormy argument w/parent: "My sorry has retired!" Parent: ? Child: "My sorry is not working, it is retired!"


    3yo: daddy! will u help me? sure, bud, what do u need? 3yo: i pooped on the floor


    Today the 3 year old I nanny asked me "Did the dinosaurs live with you when you were little"


    3yo: Mama, you're the bestly mama ever! Me: Aw, thank you baby 3yo: Now get me some candy


    3yo, pointing at a helicopter: that's the police, they're looking for the time out kids.


    *drinking at a water fountain* 3yo: I really like drinking. Like so, so much. I think I might have a drinking problem. #OverheardAtPreschool


    3yo: Mammy, your belly is getting big again.


    My 3 year old niece has convinced herself that "bathing suit" is pronounced "baby soup"


    3year old: ms madison what are you doing Me: sweeping 3yo: what are you doing Me: sweeping 3yo: what are you doing Me: sweeping 3yo: what ar


    "Wow, I've always wanted this." ~ something my 3yo didn't know existed 2 seconds ago


    My 3yo can't pronounce the word 'sleep.' He says 'beep.' "I'm beepy." "Let's go beep." "Only two more beeps until Disneyland!" #kidlitvoice


    Me: How do I look? My 3yo son: You look like a pretty baddie. Me: *fist pump* GOALS REALISED


    3 year old: my boyfriends name is luca me: thought his name was kevin her: that's my other one me: you have 2??? her: no silly..i have 4


    A 3 year old came in my work and told me I look like the green power ranger and I can't help but feel like I found my life calling


    Today a 3 year old told me "happy birthday bitch!"


    I was talking to Brent's 3 year old sister & she said, "why is baby Bailey still stuck inside of you? I want to take her out right now!" 😂😍


    3yo: KITTY! Me: Leave the kitty alone. 3yo: KITTY! Me: Leave the kitty alone 3yo: KITTY! Me: Leave the -- 3yo: THE…