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    17 Classic Struggles Literally Every Parent Experiences

    "Parenting is hard" — signed every parent, ever

    1. Trying to pay attention all the way to the end of your kid's story.

    2. And also trying to keep your cool when your kid keeps asking the same question...again...and AGAIN...AND AGAIN...

    3. Coming to bed at night and finding this situation.

    4. Agreeing to let your toddler help make dinner...and then immediately regretting it.

    5. Trying to continue going about your day after your kid had an accident on you in public.

    6. Finally finishing your family's laundry, and then turning around and seeing this:

    7. Being late because you let your kid dress themselves — and then spotted this as you hurried out the door.

    8. Spending good money on food for your kid, and then seeing them do this with it.

    9. Trying to get your kids to do what you want without seriously raising your blood pressure — especially at bedtime.

    10. Making the mistake of telling your kid you will wait for them to fall asleep — and then getting trapped in their room for what seems like days.

    11. Trying in vain to keep your home from looking like this 24/7.

    12. Deciding whether to laugh or cry when your kid brings home one of these.

    13. Trying to read your kid a bedtime story when you are BEYOND tired.

    14. Having to explain to someone important (like a client) that your kid, uh, got ahold of your phone.

    15. Keeping your cool as you struggle to get your kid out the door for school.

    16. Deciding whether or not it's appropriate to vent to another parent on days your kids REALLY test you.

    17. And struggling mightily to interpret your kid's drawings.