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    21 Things You Don’t Get About Young People If You Were Born Before 1980

    Either we've gotten really old or they've gotten really weird.

    1. Why they wear drop-crotch pants.

    2. Their constant texting.

    3. How they refuse to talk on the phone even to make plans.

    4. The way they describe people as being YouTube, Instagram, or Vine celebrities.

    Someone needs to teach these young people what a REAL celebrity looks like:

    5. When they use Snapchat to send anything other than a sex pic.

    6. What the deal was with Pokémon.

    7. Their love of One Direction, a boy band that doesn't dance.


    8. Why they take so many selfies.

    9. How they can play video games with controllers like this:

    Everyone knows you only need two.

    10. How they reveal their entire life online.

    11. When they send woefully unprofessional emails.

    12. How they could possibly think this teen wolf:

    Is better than this one:

    13. How they never listen to voicemails.

    14. Their total disregard for punctuation and grammar online.

    15. How much they use text-speak.

    16. How often they say YOLO.

    17. The way they use GIFs to express emotion in an email. If you send a young person a message like this...

    You're liable to get a response like this:

    18. What Tinder is exactly.

    19. Their love of Twilight and total failure to call BS on sparkly vampires.

    20. How they can listen to dubstep.

    21. Why they don't want to hang out with us more.