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    24 Reasons For Having Kids You Will Regret

    Baby fight club!

    1. So you never get stuck without toilet paper.


    2. For the gender reveal.

    I just want to have a spectacular gender reveal. #WrongReasonToHaveKids

    3. To do this.

    4. So you can tell people you own a Range Rover or a Mercedes.

    landroverdiscovery2 / Via

    5. To go to kids' movies without the judgment.

    6. Because someone told you this:


    7. To start a baby fight club.

    8. For the pranks.

    9. Out of curiosity.

    I just wanted to see if they would look like me #WrongReasonToHaveKids

    10. To handle telemarketers.

    hdawnw / Via

    11. To buy kids' food.

    12. To build a Star Wars-themed treehouse.

    13. For material.

    So you can use them in your stand up comedy act #WrongReasonToHaveKids

    14. To save money on car washes.

    15. To impress them with your rap skills.

    tinixdalle / Via

    16. For all of the birthday party cake.


    17. To protect your dental hygiene.

    One good reason to have kids is the ability to steal their toothbrush when you forgot yours

    18. To buy toys guilt-free.

    19. To catch them all.

    #WrongReasonToHaveKids to help you with #PokemonGO

    20. For your rear window.

    21. To get access to the ball pit.

    22. To start a musical dynasty.

    To recreate the Jackson 5 #WrongReasonToHaveKids

    23. To get the Sunday deal at the Mac Shack.

    24. And to name your kid Nancy, obviously.

    I want a daughter named Nancy just so I can say "I put the 'Nancy' in 'pregnancy' #WrongReasonToHaveKids

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