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    25 Meaningful Personalized Gifts Kids Will Cherish Forever

    Some gifts last a lifetime.

    Amy Sefton/BuzzFeed

    1. One of your kid's favorite childhood toys — engraved with their name and displayed in a shadow box.

    2. Wall art featuring your kid's most memorable quote.

    Because you don't want to forget your kid said, "Getting on my nerds." Order yours here.

    3. A plush toy made out of one of their most imaginative drawings.

    Order this one-of-a-kind gift here.

    4. A birth year box.

    These are customized to your child's birth year, and perfect for keeping your baby's first booties, a favorite toy, or photos from their first year. Get boxes for the years 2010 through 2015 here.

    5. A customized "What Big Sister/Brother Does Best" book.

    Written by Laura Numeroff — author of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie — this book inserts your kid's name into a story that helps prepare them for the arrival of a new baby. Order a sister or brother version.

    6. A personalized "Goodnight Little Me" book.

    This charming bedtime book features your kid's name on the cover, throughout the story, and even in illustrations. Order one here.

    7. A pillow case decorated with your kid's artwork.

    Let your kid lay their head down on a pillow of their own design. Order one here.

    8. A personalized mini-rolling pin.

    Over a lifetime this can go from rolling Play Doh to real dough. Order one here.

    9. A framed “watercolor painting” of their childhood home.

    It’s quite easy to turn a photo into what looks like a watercolor painting using Photoshop or an app like Waterlogue. This is a terrific gift for when your family moves into a new home or your kid leaves for college. Learn more here.

    10. Don't DIY? Order a custom drawing instead.

    Get one here.

    11. A pillow that puts your kid at the center of their own story book.

    Turn your kid into a heroic literary figure. Order one here.

    12. A personalized rag doll.

    In addition to putting your kid's name on the dress, you can order a doll that is tailored to your kid's hair color and ethnicity. Get one here.

    13. A sound wave necklace.

    Your kid can forever wear a sound wave of their voice as a child. Get one here.

    14. A pendant with an engraved message in a loved one’s handwriting.

    This makes an especially meaningful gift for a child after a grandparent or other loved one passes away. Get one here.

    15. A silver guitar pick with their name and date of birth on it.

    These are built to last, so your music-loving kid will be strumming away with it for the rest of their days. Order one here.

    16. A birth announcement pillow.

    Order one here. These make great gifts for grandparents, too.

    17. A memory bear made out of your kid's outgrown baby clothes.

    You can learn how to DIY one here, or have one specially made here.

    18. A framed favorite teddy.

    This is not only a sweet way for your kid to keep their favorite teddy around, but also a fun piece of art.

    19. A custom-made figurine of your favorite kid.

    Order one to be the cake topper at your kid's birthday party, then put it on your kid's shelf so they can enjoy it forever. Order one here.

    20. A football engraved with your kid's name and birth stats.

    Perfect for a new baby or your little sports lover. Order one here.

    21. A football — or a baseball — also makes a terrific gift for a ring bearer or flower girl at a wedding.

    Order one here.

    22. This personalized handkerchief is also a beautiful gift for a flower girl.

    Heather Spohr

    Years from now, your girl will be able to carry this handkerchief on her wedding day as her "something blue."

    23. A super-cool stylized portrait.

    Order your kid's portrait here.

    24. Paper dolls of your kid and their family members.

    Order a set of these handmade dolls here.

    25. Your kid's beloved dog as a plush pillow.

    Many years from now, your kid will love still being able to squeeze their first dog. Order one here for $64.18.

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