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19 Memes That Totally Made Parents Laugh In 2015

"You know you're a parent when..."

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1. Because you've been there:

NBC / Cathy Ngo/BuzzFeed

2. Because you are so, so tired:

Cathy Ngo/BuzzFeed

3. Because you want those twenty minutes back:


4. Because eating out... is a challenge:

Flickr: nateone / Via Creative Commons

5. Because dad jokes:

Justine Zwiebel/BuzzFeed

6. Because this has 100% been your phone:

Mike Spohr and Cathy Ngo / BuzzFeed

7. Because you've definitely said this:

Cathy Ngo/BuzzFeed

8. Because you've definitely said this too:

Cathy Ngo/BuzzFeed

9. Because the summer struggle is real:

10. Because you still have flashbacks:

Belinda Pretorius / Getty Images

11. Because you live for bedtime:

Cathy Ngo/BuzzFeed

12. Because your taste in movies has definitely changed:

Epic/Fox / Cathy Ngo/BuzzFeed

13. Because you are so, so tired — take two:

Cathy Ngo/BuzzFeed

14. Because your secret is out:


15. Because you wondered what pirates do on Talk Like a Pirate Day:

Disney / Cathy Ngo/BuzzFeed

16. Because this is either really funny or you're just really tired:

Warner Bros.

17. Because this has too much truth:

Cathy Ngo/BuzzFeed

18. Because sarcastic parents need motivational posters too:

Paul Grecaud / Via Getty Images

19. And because... pretty much:

Cathy Ngo/BuzzFeed

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