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    23 Things Only Pregnant Women Will Find Funny

    You'll laugh so hard tears run down your leg.

    1. What happens when you give your partner 100% control over the birth announcement:

    NBD, he just turned his wife into supervillian Krang from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    2. The time a pregnant woman sent her partner to the store for frozen yogurt and they came back with this:

    Said partner also returned with actual frozen yogurt because they wanted to live.

    3. The way this woman announced her pregnancy to her husband:

    4. The time a pregnant woman responded to the question "How are you feeling?" by texting this:

    5. This legitimate question you may have asked yourself:

    Have developed a double chin..thought the baby's growing in my belly not my chin....hmmm

    6. This train, which called attention to the fact that pregnant woman give off free WiFi:

    7. This midwife you probably don't want to hire:

    8. What talking sexy is like when you're pregnant:

    9. The time Mila Kunis called out men who say "We're pregnant."


    Check out Mila's awesome rant in its entirety here.

    10. This perfect response to people who dare to talk about how "huge" you are:

    11. #PregnantProblems:

    12. This warning to the rest of the world:

    13. Pregnancy cravings that only make sense to you:

    14. The struggle of trying to get someone to feel the baby kick:

    15. This 100% accurate explanation of when it's appropriate to ask a woman if she's pregnant:

    16. This mom who is really, really counting the days:

    17. This drawing a grade-schooler did of a pregnant woman:

    18. The dog who spoiled this pregnant woman's photo:

    19. This all too real talk about your last month:

    20. What it's like when your hormones take over:

    21. This breakdancing pregnant woman...just because.

    22. When you reach that Regina George stage:

    23. And this shirt that will scare young girls everywhere: