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40 "WTF" Photos From 2021 That You Will Still Be Thinking About In 2022

It was a weird year, but these people made it even weirder.

1. First, this guy had a very WTF-inducing way to (attempt to) protect himself during the global pandemic:

2. This person —_ shivers_ — put on their headset and realized a bat was in it...a bat, people:

3. This boyfriend — shakes head — actually posted this:

4. This guy returned from work wanting to relax on the couch and found this:

5. And this soon-to-be married couple actually thought it was clever and not horrific to have a "20th anniversary of 9/11" theme:

6. While we're on the subject of weddings, this bride canceled hers because the guests didn't give her $1,500 each (EACH!) so she could pay for the wedding:

7. Someone actually submitted this advice to the newlyweds:

8. And this was a real cake at a bachelorette party (held in public at a restaurant...yeah):

9. These parents-to-be's pregnancy announcement just makes you sigh so hard:

10. This dad-to-be missed the birth of his first child to see a hockey game (and, uh, for those seats too):

And don't say, "But it was the Stanley Cup!" It's the birth of his freaking child!

11. And this dad put his kids in these shirts and I am so tired:

12. Over in Russia, this guy used an assault rifle to prop up his hood:

13. And someone snapped a photo of this mobster's 100% extra gravestone:

14. This guy — who I'm guessing is either from Russia or Florida — somehow didn't die:

15. This grandchild found this photo in their deceased grandma's belongings and was left only with questions:

16. These were actual boots for sale:

17. And this photo is equal parts "WTF?" and "Nope!":

18. This specially made pen came with a live parasitic worm in it, and no thank you, no thank you, hell no:

19. This photo is enough to put you off video games for life:

20. This one is enough to make you say, "Just give me a parking ticket — I ain't messing with that thing":

21. And this one is an IRL nightmare:

22. This pizza —_ ugh_ — was delivered in a box with a giant-ass footprint on the inside of the box:

23. And this person transported a pizza...like this:

24. These next few are photos of WTF signs that — I regret to inform you — needed to be put up:

25. If you thought the "don't lick" sign above was gross, well, feast your eyes on this one:

26. And this one, well, this one just doesn't seem safe:

27. Speaking of signs you wish you didn't know needed to exist:

28. This person's car says a lot about them, and it's not good:

29. Ditto for this person:

30. Whoever put this brush back is a real gem too: