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    15 People Who Ordered The Wrong Size And Laughed Until They Cried When It Arrived

    Oh, so that's why it was so cheap.

    So, uh, as it turned out...


    1. This was not a normal-sized scratching post:

    2. This was not a chair for adults:

    3. And this was not a tent for adults:

    4. This was not a bed for a large dog:

    5. And this was not a bone for a small one:

    6. This was not a swing set for a child:

    7. This was not a double XL like you'd find in America:

    8. This was not a standard-sized soup ladle:

    9. And this was not a standard-sized skillet:

    10. This was not a person-sized costume:

    11. This was not a "one-size-fits-all" doggie door:

    12. And this was definitely not a 7.5mm drill bit:

    13. This was not regular ol' toilet paper:

    14. This was not a regular-sized desk lamp:

    15. And these were absolutely not your average lamps:

    Although I think they're just joking around on this last least I hope they are!